Incandescent lamp VS energy saving lamp VSLED lamp which kind of lamp is more cost-effective?


Select LED lights to "four look".

As LED lights become more and more popular, the market for a variety of styles so that consumers can not start, then how to choose high-quality LED lights? Wang Linkang, secretary-general of the City Lighting Association, told reporters, "LED products vary from good to bad, and consumers can choose them by naked eye identification and simple testing."

The first step is to see the outer packing of the LED lamp. State requirements for LED lamp packaging must be marked rated voltage, voltage range, rated power, rated frequency. The packaging and printing quality of high quality LED lamp products is good, the handwriting is clear, wiping with wet cloth is not easy to erase, and poor quality products printing poor, the font is blurred, some products do not even have the manufacturer's logo, there is no relevant certification mark.

The second step is to watch the LED tube. The same product with a number of LED lights together to watch, high-quality manufacturers generally good consistency, will not appear uneven pipe surface. There is a slope between the interface of the high quality LED lamp and the spiral port, which is convenient to install and prevents the installer from being shocked by electricity. If there is loosening at the interface, it indicates that there is a quality problem and should not be purchased.

The third step is to explore the temperature. Put the LED lamp on the pedestal to work for a few minutes, generally the temperature of the LED lamp rises slowly, touch the temperature by hand is lower, if the temperature is higher, it will affect the life of the LED lamp, do not buy.

The fourth step is interference testing. When the LED lamp works, you can turn on the radio and put it near the LED lamp. The lower the noise the radio makes, the better the quality of the LED lamp.

Test preparation

Using the largest metering instrument in our city to measure 3 kinds of lights

Which of the three common bulbs, incandescent lamp, energy saving lamp and LED lamp, consume high energy? The reporter bought 3 common bulbs on the market for comparative experiments.

Reporters bought these three bulbs ranging from 3 to 50 yuan, including incandescent lamp rated power 100 watts; energy-saving lamp rated power 20 watts, equivalent to the brightness of 100 watt incandescent lamp; and LED lamp rated power 9 watts, corresponding to the brightness of 100 watt incandescent lamp.

The selected test instrument is a steel photometric integrating sphere with a diameter of 3 meters. According to Saibao staff, the steel photometric integrating sphere is a hollow sphere for photometric measurement. Its inner surface is coated with diffuse reflective white paint. The illumination in any direction of the sphere is equal. In the sphere, a variety of photosensitive instruments and current and voltage measuring instruments are distributed, which can be used to test the brightness, luminous flux and color temperature of the light source in the sphere. The 3M photometric integrating sphere is the largest photometric instrument in our city.

Test results (1)

LED lamp is energy-saving and long-life with the highest cost performance.

In the sphere of the 3M photometric integrating sphere, the workers connect the incandescent lamp to a 220-volt lamp holder, turn off the sphere, wait five minutes, measure the current, and calculate the actual power of the bulb. After testing, it is concluded that the current of the incandescent lamp is 0.412, and the measured power is 92.56 watts.

Likewise, the energy-saving lamp is connected to a 220-volt lamp holder. Since the energy-saving lamp has a 10-minute light stabilization time, it is necessary to wait for the energy-saving lamp to stabilize before testing. The test shows that the current of the energy saving lamp is 0.1365 and the measured power is 18.65 watts.

Connecting the LED lamp to the lamp holder, turning off the sphere, the current of the LED lamp is 0.04579 A and the measured power is 9.337 watts.

From the above data, the measured power of incandescent lamp is much higher than that of other lamps, which shows that the power consumption of incandescent lamp is the highest.

If you look at the price, a 9-watt LED lamp costs 50 yuan, while an incandescent lamp costs only 3 yuan, an energy-saving lamp costs 15 yuan, and buying one LED lamp is equivalent to buying 16 incandescent lamps and three energy-saving lamps.

Staff told reporters that although the price of LED lights is expensive, but from the power consumption and bulb life to calculate, LED lamp life is generally more than 20,000 hours, and incandescent lamp life is generally only 1,000 hours, energy-saving lamp life is generally more than 6,000 hours. In terms of power consumption, according to the standard of 1000 hours continuous operation, incandescent lamps need to consume 92.56 degrees of electricity, energy-saving lamps 18.65 degrees of electricity, LED lights only 9.337 degrees of electricity.

According to the residential electricity cost of 0.5 yuan, using 1000 hours, the incandescent lamp needs 46.28 yuan, the energy-saving lamp needs 9.325 yuan, and the LED lamp only needs 4.67 yuan. In this way, the use of LED lights is the most cost-effective.

Test results (two)

LED light, the most incandescent lamp, soft energy saving lamp.

In the sphere, three experimental bulbs were connected to a 220-volt lamp holder. Since both incandescent and energy-saving lamps had light stabilization time, the 10-minute stabilization time of the energy-saving lamp was taken as the standard and the 10-minute waiting time was taken. The reporter took a group of pictures of the three lamps with the same exposure combination of sensitivity, aperture and shutter speed. The degree of reflection of spheres under different light bulbs.

You can see from the photos that although the LED lamp is only 9 watts, the brightness is the highest. The brightness of incandescent lamp is slightly weaker, the light color is yellow, but the overall sensory brightness is relatively soft. The energy saving lamp is brighter than the incandescent lamp. It is darker than the LED lamp, and its color is white. This point, from the color temperature data can also be seen, incandescent lamp color temperature is 2665K, for warm color; energy-saving lamp and LED lamp color temperature are around 6000K, for cold color temperature.

Why are only 9 watt LED lamps brighter than 20 Watt energy-saving lamps and 100 watt incandescent lamps? Staff told reporters that the conversion rate of LED lights than the other two lamps are high, only a little electricity can be emitted light.

In the same way, incandescent and energy-saving lamps, because of the relatively low conversion rate, electricity in addition to converting into light energy will also be converted into heat, consumption. After using the three lights for 10 minutes, the reporter hands temperature, incandescent lamp temperature is obviously too high to touch directly by hand; energy-saving lamp although also hot, but not hot, and LED lamp only near the lamp mouth a little temperature.

From the data measured by the integrating sphere, it can be seen that the luminous flux of the LED lamp is 1021 lm, while that of the incandescent lamp is 934.04 lm.